Do you Have a Long-term Treatment History with your Therapist? - 2021 Guide

For instance, every person overthinks sometimes, but if you overthink to the extent that it causes anxiety and cannot control it yourself, then it is always better to seek help. How will you know if you qualify to be an ESA Letter owner? How can you assess if you need an emotional support animal? Should you legally register emotional support dog? We will tell you. Read further to know.
Your first judge is you. You can assess yourself if you even need emotional support or not. Needing emotional support means that you can not stabilize your emotions or mental condition yourself.
Do not shy away from taking the help. If not from anyone else, you can at least have an animal with you that will support you without judging.
Your chances of qualifying for an ESA will increase if you have a long-term treatment history. Unfortunately, in recent times, many people have exploited the concept of an emotional support animal certification.
So, most therapists are now reluctant to issue ESA letters. Especially to people who randomly walk in and start describing their needs for an ESA or those who can’t prove a medical history. Thus, it is better to have medical records or a treatment history with the therapist.
The first step to qualifying for an ESA is to pass a medical examination that validates your mental health issue. You will have to go through a diagnosis from a licensed mental health professional. This diagnosis aims to assess which mental health issue you are suffering from and your common symptoms.
Authorization from a Mental Health Professional
Once it is established that you need emotional assistance due to a mental health issue, a mental health professional will then assess whether your animal provides it to you or not. The health professional will require common details about your animals, like their breed, name, etc. They will analyze the behavior of the animal around and your behavior around it. This is to assess the bond between you both.
To-Do list after Getting an ESA Letter
If you have qualified for the need of an emotional support animal and have got an ESA letter, then you should keep the following points in mind:
Keeping Track of the Validity
A person suffering from a disease will probably get cured in some time. The ESA is there to help you through the disease only. An emotionally stable person does not need necessary additional support. This is why the validity of an ESA letter is only for a year.
You will have to keep track of the validity of the letter. If you still need an emotional support animal after twelve months, you will have to get a new letter.
Do not Fall into the Trap of ESA Registration
The only document that certifies you to an ESA owner or declares your animal as an emotional support animal is an ESA letter. Any online service or health professional that guides you to get an ESA registration is false. They are probably misinformed or just scams trying to sell their services.
Once you get an ESA letter, there is no need to get an ESA registration!
You have read about the kind of people who can qualify for an ESA. We have also explained how you can get an emotional support animal letter if you need one. So, do not neglect your mental health and get an emotional support animal to help you through your difficult times. Make sure you keep in mind the to-do list after getting an ESA letter.
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